Great Vegetables!

Let us be your Grower! We make it easy for you!
We grow it.   We deliver it.   You enjoy it!

Our members can choose from three different sizes of vegetable shares:
  • Small (2 people)
  • Medium (2-4 people)
  • Large (4+ people)
Click here for our CSA Agreement with Pricing, fill it out and mail it in, or submit your application online in our online store.

We deliver!

We will deliver to any location in Chittenden County if there are 5 members at that location.  Several businesses have taken advantage of this benefit.  Feel free to start your own group!

Additional Shares Available to Provide More Variety!      Click here for more information in our brochure...
  • Fresh Local Eggs from Savage Gardens
  • Dessert and Salad Share from The Accidental Farmer
  • Local Chicken from Savage Gardens
  • Local Beef from Canamak Farms
  • Fresh Bagels and Bread from Wally’s Place
**Limited number of shares available-first come first serve**

Join Our CSA

You'll receive healthy food in every distribution. Our CSA Brochure has all the particulars like cost information and application. Feel free to contact us via email at or (802) 557-2739 with any questions you may have.

Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA is partnership between the Farmer and the Community.  The community buys “shares” in the harvest each year.  These shares are purchased in the late winter early spring when most of the farm operating cost are (seeds, soil nutrients, potting soil, equipment, repairs, etc.) incurred. Click here for more CSA info from NOFAVT...

By buying the shares early on, CSA members give the farmer a solid start to the growing season.  Once the season begins each member receives a weekly share of seasonable vegetables. This cultivates a direct consumer-farmer relationship. Both the consumer and farmer benefit from this relationship. The farmer benefits from membership payments coming in during the annual spring “cash crunch” and from knowing the veggies he/she is growing already has a home. The consumer benefits from the seasonal bounty of fresh produce and from the relationship they develop with the growers of their food. CSA members often express their joy in knowing where their food is coming from and how it was grown.


Benefits to Joining Our CSA

Eat Fresh Produce!
Belonging to a CSA takes the middle man out of your food equation.  This takes days to weeks of the normal cycle of vegetables purchased from the grocery.  Our goal is to pick vegetables either the day of or the day before distribution. We will also have pick-your-own crops such as green beans, peas, cherry tomatoes, flowers and herbs (and strawberries next year)

Eat Healthier!
The fresher the produce the healthier that produce is for you.  The nutritional value of vegetables begin to deteriorate the day it is harvested.  This makes the time it takes to get from the field to your table absolutely crucial.  Another factor affecting nutritional value is how that vegetable is grown.  Our farm is Certified Organic by NOFA-VT.  We are very careful about what we put in to the soil.

Eat Better Tasting Vegetables!
The fresher the produce the better it taste.  But this isn’t the only factor that affects taste.  Providing what a plant needs to grow through natural means verses chemicals is not only healthier for you, each plant’s unique flavors are intensified.  Organic vegetables taste better.  It’s not a secret why  CSA members eat more vegetables.

Support Local Farms!
Local agriculture is making a comeback and by becoming a member of a CSA you are helping to support agriculture in your area.  There is a lot of talk these days about rebuilding the nation’s food system with healthy food.  Becoming a member in a CSA makes you part of that movement.  And buying directly form you local farm keeps those dollars local.

Try New Vegetables!
We grow many different vegetables and many different varieties of those vegetables.  You and your family will love diversity.  Trying new recipes will add nutrition to your diet (we will supply many) and it’s fun.

Enjoy the bounty!
If we have a great year like we did last year with tomatoes that means you get more tomatoes.  There are also opportunities to purchase extra produce for canning such as a bushel of cucumbers for pickles, zucchini for relish and tomatoes for spaghetti sauce.